A picture of me smiling. I have shoulder-length hair, blue eyes and wear glasses

Dr. Lucy M. Thomas

Gravitational-Wave Astrophysicist

About Me

Hello! I am Lucy Thomas (she/her), a postdoctoral researcher in the LIGO Lab at California Institute of Technology (Caltech).  I recently completed my PhD studies at the Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy,  University of Birmingham in the UK.

My research focuses on waveform models of gravitational wave signals from compact binary coalescences, with an emphasis on the effects of precession and inclusion of higher-order multipoles. I am also a member of the LIGO-Virgo-Kagra (LVK) collaboration. You can read more about my research here, see my publications here, and view or download my CV here.

For details of public outreach activities I have been involved in, see here.

Outside of research, I like to paint, sing, do yoga and play music.  I love animals, travelling and being out in nature.

Please get in touch via email, or use the links and icons at the bottom of the page. ☺️

Image credit for header: SXS Collaboration